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Grammar, Harassment, Ethics, and Humor (10 Hours)
NCRA/NVRA Approved and All States Pre-Qualified for CEU Credit

Course Content

  • It's YOUR License (Ethics 1.5 Hours) - Instructor Pam Coder
  • ???? - Instructor: Pam Coder
  • ???? - Instructor: Kathy McDaniel
  • ???? - Instructors: Pam Coder & Kathy McDaniel
  • ???? - Instructor: Pam Coder
  • ???? - Instructors: Pam Coder & Kathy McDaniel
  • ???? - Instructors: Pam Coder & Jeff Justice
Live Webinar - September 10th!
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Live Event - Houston, TX

We will be following all of the COVID-19 safety guidelines and practicing social distancing in the classroom.

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“Jeff Justice’s online seminar is a great way to get your CEUs. It was informative, fun, and easy to do. The online process was done in a very efficient manner. I did it at my own pace, and best of all, in my own home. It saved me time and money from having to travel to get my CEUs at the day-long seminars. I would highly recommend this online seminar and hope it will be available the next time I need my CEUs.

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Jeri, IL

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“I want to thank you, first, for offering your very informative online court reporting seminar. This was so convenient. Jeff, Pam, and Carrie all did a great job, and I gained knowledge from each one of them. Also, I appreciate your helpfulness in answering my questions so………….promptly via phone. My letter of completion was sent to me by email.”

Would I take this course again? Absolutely.
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Lesa. IL

“Jeff, thanks for offering your courses online. It was a pleasure attending a seminar on my schedule and not having to give up a weekend to participate. As always, you get me laughing (mostly at myself), and I really enjoyed the experience.”

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